Watch our video demonstration related to semi-dedicated servers and watch how they could support you with your web site.

The semi–dedicated hosting servers can be a extraordinary web hosting solution. It is all about a blend between dedicated servers and normal cloud web hosting, bringing the better of both worlds. A semi–dedicated server gives you the ease of use of cloud web hosting, with no need for virtually any server administration, and the raw power of a dedicated server. It’s a web hosting service that is great for the moment when cloud web hosting is beginning to hold you down, but you don’t want to invest in a high priced dedicated server.’s semi–dedicated plans come along with plentiful CPU and MySQL queries quotas, so that you can operate any kind of website or app on them – starting from popular e–shop, to a community portal with thousands of active members.

Every single semi–dedicated server provides you with our Hosting Control Panel, which allows you to control your websites and your domain names from just one place. It’s brimming with beneficial tools and bonuses, which can help you to additionaly revitalize your web site and speed it up a lot. You can also experience 24x7 dedicated servers tech support. The specialists are specially educated to aid in a variety of semi–dedicated server difficulties and concerns you may have. In addition, you will find there’s 1–hour response time warranty – you no longer need to wait patiently for countless hours to obtain a reply to your concern.

All semi–dedicated servers are located in’s advanced US based datacenter in Chicago, Illinois. Due to the custom made internal network we’ve developed, founded on enterprise grade electronics from Juniper, we’ll guarantee a 99.9% network uptime for US semi-dedicated servers.