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You can expect over 50 one of a kind domain name extensions, or TLDs, at cheap prices. For most of those, we have a direct deal with the organization, responsible for that TLD, that permits us to supply nominal domain name registration costs. Furthermore, since we are in special connection with the domain registrar, all alterations you make for your domain names will propagate throughout the world considerably faster.

For the purposes of domain management, we have made a specific domain management tool – Englishtutors.info’s Domains Manager. It is an major piece of Englishtutors.info’s Hosting Control Panel and it aids you quickly handle a variety of domain names at once. Additionally it is set with advantageous tools, for instance a domain name redirection tool, a GeoIP redirection service and others. Because the Domain Manager is part of Englishtutors.info’s Control Panel, if you have your site hosted here, you can handle your domain names and also your web sites from the similar place, without making use of any extra panels.

If you happen to manage a web store, or if you mean to simply include another protection level for your site, now we have an excellent option for you – SSL Certificates. You can get an SSL certificate directly from our Control Panel and we will also install it instantly for your sites. You no longer require to visit 3rd party vendors and then fight with the SSL certificate installing and setup.

As an further protection level for your domain names, in addition, we give a WHOIS Privacy Protection solution. When using the Whois Privacy Protection service, we are going to cover up your individual details from the domain name’s Whois. This drastically minimizes the probability for cyber theft and it also minimizes the volume of spam emails you receive in your Whois–associated mailbox.